Flygt 2610

  • Võimsus: 0.85 – 1.2 kW
  • Pumpab vedelikke kuni 70ºC

2600-sarja pumbad on konstrueeritud kestma eriti rasketes tingimustes. Täiesti uut tüüpi kuivenduspumba eeliseks on kasutajasõbralik hüdrauliline osa, vastupidavad materjalid ja praktiline ergonoomiline disain. Pumpad kuni 70ºC vedelikke.


  • Veealandus ehituses
  • Tühjendamine tööstuses
  • Veealandus kaevanduses
  • Kaevude ja kaevikute tühjendus
  • Päästepump üleujutuse korral

Seadme korpus on valmistatud alumiiniumist, tööratas karastatud kroom-nikkel sulamist. 



Toote andmed

Toote andmed


QD Pipe & Fittings

QD Pipe & Fittings

  • High tensile strength hot-dipped galvanized steel​
  • Quick disconnect (QD) coupling system​
  • 2″ to 12″ pipe, fittings, and adapters available
Rafts & Stands

Rafts & Stands

  • Light-weight, cost-effective alternative to traditional steel pontoons
  • Used for a wide range of applications in mines, quarries, construction sites, sewage and industrial plants
  • Available for almost all Flygt pump models
Tandem Connections

Tandem Connections

  •   Connects two or more pumps in series for extra high-head operation
  •   Available for Flygt 2000 or 2600 series BS version pumps
  •   Allows hose and pipe connections
HDPE Piping

HDPE Piping

  • Strong, durable, flexible and lightweight
  • High performance and long life expectancy
  • Weather resistant​

Genuine Parts

Flygt Basic Repair Kits

Flygt Basic Repair Kits

  • All parts needed to overhaul a Flygt pump drive unit
  • Minimize delays due to missing parts
  • Lower price compared to purchasing parts separately
  • Stocked at Xylem Distribution Centers for direct and fast delivery
  • Simpler handling and administration
Flygt Wear Kits

Flygt Wear Kits

  • Minimize downtime
  • Easy access to all critical parts for the most common Flygt dewatering pump repairs
  • Lower cost than buying individual replacement parts
  • Simplify spare parts management
  • Facilitate combination of kits for extensive repairs
  • Only include wear-resistant genuine Flygt Parts for long-lasting performance
Active Seal Technology

Active Seal Technology

  • Patented design
  • Zero leakage
  • Less downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased equipment lifetime
Plug-In Seal

Plug-In Seal

  • Single unit assembly with inner and outer seals
  • Outstanding leakage prevention
  • Solid seal ring design
  • Durable and resistant materials
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Integrated cooling pump
  • Active Seal™ on selected variants
Flygt Stators

Flygt Stators

  • Optimal motor performance and extended motor life
  • Increased pump and mixer efficiency
  • Safety focus
  • Optimized heat transfer and tolerance of high operating temperatures
  • Minimized risk of short circuits
  • Reliable variable frequency drive (VFD) operation

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