PRODUCT FEATURES Poly-Life® polyurethane wear parts for additional wear resistance Fits into tight spaces, 7.2 in (185 mm) wide for 8 in pipes Two-stage hydraulic end for high-head and slimline design Suitable for active dewatering Tough dewatering pump The Flygt 2071 is designed for tough operating conditions where the water or liquid contains stone chips, drilling fines, or tailings. [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Industry-leading hydraulic design Cast iron body High-chrome, semi-open impeller Traditional mine drainage pump made of cast iron for added durability The Flygt 2075 pump leverages the reliable design of the world-renowned BIBO platform. With more than 70 years of experience designing dewatering pumps for some of the most demanding applications around the world, the Flygt [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Hard-Iron™ impeller (60 HRC) Flygt Spin-Out™ outer seal protection Aluminum construction Poly-Life® polyurethane wear parts for added resistance Dual-stage hydraulic design for high pumping head Proven workhorse for the mining and construction industry The Flygt 2125 pump leverages the world-famous BIBO pump and has been serving the mining industry for decades. It is a robust and reliable pump with [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Superior wear resistance Cast iron version for use in chemically aggressive applications and sea water (zinc anodes must be used) Explosion-proof versions available Reliable pumping power for decades The Flygt 2000 pump family has been around for decades, and it is pumps like the 2125 that built its reputation for reliability and versatility. Built to last and [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Material Versions include Aluminum, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Pressure Characteristics: LT, MT-V, MT-H, HT, SH Impeller – Semi open or Closed Duraspin Trim Screw Spin Out Wear material, Nitrile or Polyurethane SH-version Dualstage Proven drainage pump for the mining industry The Flygt 2201 pump leverages the world-famous BIBO pump design and has been [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Hard-Iron™ impeller (60 HRC) Flygt Spin-Out™ outer seal protection Aluminum construction High Volume Proven drainage pump for the mining industry The Flygt 2250 drainage pump is based on the world famous BIBO pump that has been serving the mining industry for decades. It’s a robust and reliable pump designed to handle the harsh [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Explosion-proof versions available 2-stage, high-head option Submerge up to 150 ft (50 m) Cast Iron Decades of proven reliability The Flygt 2400 pump has been around for decades, and it continues the tradition of the 2201 pumps for reliability and versatility. With optimized geometries and built with material to provide excellent wear-resistance, the rugged design [...]