PRODUCT FEATURES Simple method for most level control applications and still very reliable and with an impressive track record Available in many different versions, depending on the medium in which it will be used, cable length needed and required approvals For EX applications, a black ENM-10 EX is available with ATEX and IECEx approvals SO SIMPLE, YET SO [...]

Õige veetaseme reguleerimine on töökindluse seisukohalt oluline. Puudulik veetaseme reguleerimine võib põhjustada pumba mitte toimimist, kahjustusi või halvimal juhul üleujutust. Sobib kõikjale Flygti ENM-10 veetaseme andur(ujuk) sobib kõikjale: reoveepumplad, põhjavesi või drenaaži pumplad. Kui vedeliku tase jõuab ujukini, siis ujuk kaldub ning käivitab/peatab pumba või käivitab häiresignaali. Vastupidav Flygti ENM-10 ujuki korpus on vastupidav kõigi [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Handles extreme temperature liquids and liquids with lots of dirt and mud well since it is mounted above the liquid Wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for a wide number of installations High accuracy ensures reliable level input for pump control ATEX and FM/CSA approvals for wider fit to project specifications FOR NON-CONTACT LEVEL [...]

High performance specifications in terms of accuracy 0,35%, temperature -20C to +80C and power supply range of 6-27VDC Built in service friendly auto zero function to eliminate the problem of zero shift (for example: due to cleaning, covering or mechanical damage of the diaphragm). Slim design to also fit small diameter stiller tubes or for [...]