• High performance specifications in terms of accuracy 0,35%, temperature -20C to +80C and power supply range of 6-27VDC
  • Built in service friendly auto zero function to eliminate the problem of zero shift (for example: due to cleaning, covering or mechanical damage of the diaphragm).
  • Slim design to also fit small diameter stiller tubes or for deep wells in mining where narrow space is often the case
  • Low cost 4-20mA version to high end multiple output versions
  • 4-20mA  and ModBus output in the same unit (2 part nrs).
  • Many standard ranges and cable lengths on offer
  • Special versions can be delivered on demand for any range within 0-0,5m to 0-400m and with up to 1000m kevlar reinforced cable!
  • EMC protection and slim cable to fit for instance the SmartRUN VFD
  • Soft cable for improved straight/vertical hanging capabilities
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

LTU 403 – Setting new standards of what’s possible

The LTU 403 is setting new standards of what’s possiblefor waste water installations and combines performance, smart solutions, ModBus with price to out match many of the competition out there.


Tender Specification Submersible Pressure Transducer