​For PUMP Description​ Part Number​
FLYGT F 3127 MT​ Cutting Knife Kit MT​ 709 23 02​
​FLYGT F 3153 HT​ Cutting Knife Kit MT​​ 709 23 00​​
FLYGT F 3153 MT​​ Cutting Knife Kit MT​​ 709 23 01
​FLYGT F 3153 MT​ ​Feeding Screw Kit MT 709 22 00


Each kit includes the knife / screw plus 4 pump feet, mounting screw, mounting drawing and warning sign.

The knife and the screw are made of stainless steel 304


​Cutting Knife Feeding Screws​
The Cutting knife is specially developed for wate applications in the fish processing industry. This easy-to-install accessory effortlesly chops all fish matter, including whole fish, in to small, easy to pump pieces that eliminate the risk of pump blockage for 3127 and 3153. The feeding screw is specially developed for manure handling in the agriculture industry. This easy-to-install accessory help process long, fibrous matter and ensure problem-free ​pumping of material with a high dry-solid content. Ideal for non-homogenized material, the feeding screw eliminates clogging and ensures continual flow into the pumps. Available for 3153 only.