•   Preconfigured for water and wastewater applications
  •   Information available at any time on any device
  •   Easy installation, commission and integration
  •   More personalized overview via intuitive interface
  •   Preventive maintenance – reduce call outs and site visits

Total Control. Your Way.

AquaView 7 is a next-generation SCADA system engineered by Flygt experts for water and wastewater professionals who demand simpler, more tailored ways to monitor, control and optimize their assets – anywhere, anytime and from any device. With a plug-and-play installation in less than an hour, it gives you a complete overview of all your sites – the right information, right when you need it. Configure your workflow or data in seconds and take total control of your process and operation. Experience the power of Flygt products and Flygt monitoring and control systems working even better together.


To better support your decision-making, we equipped the Flygt AquaView 7 with an easy-to-use engineering workflow. With daily overviews, you can easily check inflow and outflow rates, alarms and other information – actionable data that lets you proactively reduce maintenance. Want to scale up and add more pump stations? No problem. Our licensing agreement lets you add multiple sites and grow at your own pace. By working more efficiently, the system frees up more of your valuable time.

Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to choosing and viewing information. Some want regular overviews of key pump stations. Others appreciate the ability to drill down and see more detailed information. With AquaView 7, you can personalize your interface in seconds without having to engage an outside engineering team. You can also create customized reports to analyze data in just the format you like.

Equipped with rich features, from built-in alarm management to advanced measurement systems, the AquaView 7 helps you get the most out of your water and wastewater systems. Advanced measurement data provides a reliable overview, including details such as inflow levels and power consumption. All relevant data is provided to you in a format that’s easy to overview and actionable.





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