PRODUCT FEATURES   Preconfigured for water and wastewater applications   Information available at any time on any device   Easy installation, commission and integration   More personalized overview via intuitive interface   Preventive maintenance – reduce call outs and site visits Total Control. Your Way. AquaView 7 is a next-generation SCADA system engineered by Flygt [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Simple method for most level control applications and still very reliable and with an impressive track record Available in many different versions, depending on the medium in which it will be used, cable length needed and required approvals For EX applications, a black ENM-10 EX is available with ATEX and IECEx approvals SO SIMPLE, YET SO [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Powerful pre-programmed functionality Compact format for small control cabinets User-friendly HMI with intuitive user interface Built in energy measurement and calculation Set-up wizards Set point profiles ​ POWERFUL PLUG-AND-PLAY CONTROLLER FOR WASTEWATER PUMPING ​    The FGC400 contains all the capabilities needed for one or two pumps, while eliminating the need for complex electrical [...]

Flygt LTU 601 on pealt sisestatav ja uputatav rõhutaseme mõõtja. LTU 601 rõhuandur sobib kasutamiseks heitvee pumpamisel, mahutitites, konteinerites, samuti veevärgi ja tööstusettevõtetes. Vastupidav LTU 601 rõhuandur on loodud ka kõige nõudlikumasse keskkonda. LTU 601 koosneb tugevast plastikust ja tugevast PUR kaablist. saadaval ka vaskrõngaga sensor, mis võib isegi töödelda merevett. LTU 601 on töökindel tänu membraanile kaitseaukudes, mis hoiab ära ummistumist ja vähendab hoolduse vajadust. Lisainfo: [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Pump control without level sensors Stops pump from running when it starts sucking air Reduces wear on hydraulic parts Reduces energy consumption EFFECTIVE DEWATERING AND MOTOR PROTECTION WITHOUT LEVEL SENSORS Control systems using external floats or level sensors are often impractical in rough temporary surroundings. Therefore, pumps on construction sites and in mines [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Handles extreme temperature liquids and liquids with lots of dirt and mud well since it is mounted above the liquid Wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for a wide number of installations High accuracy ensures reliable level input for pump control ATEX and FM/CSA approvals for wider fit to project specifications FOR NON-CONTACT LEVEL [...]

High performance specifications in terms of accuracy 0,35%, temperature -20C to +80C and power supply range of 6-27VDC Built in service friendly auto zero function to eliminate the problem of zero shift (for example: due to cleaning, covering or mechanical damage of the diaphragm). Slim design to also fit small diameter stiller tubes or for [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Ceramic diaphragm for high accuracy and durability High accuracy ensures reliable level input for pump control Measurement range adjustability makes the LTU 801 custom fit any installation, resulting in increased accuracy Heavy weight makes installations simpler and safer and makes the level transmitter less prone to turbulence Designed to minimize clogging and reduce [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Apt monitoring and reliable operation of Flygt pumps and mixers Avoidance of pump breakages Initiation of maintenance Status indication by LEDs External communication via relays SIMPLE AND ROBUST MONITORING MiniCAS II is a monitoring relay used primarily with small and medium pumps and mixers. It provides protection for the most common threats against a submersible pump: [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Simplified waste & sewage water management Easy installation, commission and integration Patented set-point profiles for optimizing your pump station Predictive maintenance – reduced call-outs and site visits EASY TO INTALL, EASY TO USE Commissioning a new station or changing an existing station to maximize its efficiency or cost-effectiveness is simple with the intuitive [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Compact and easy to use Predefined configurations for a large number of applications and users Intuitive user interface Various communications options TAME COMPLEXITY WITH SIMPLICITY The beauty of Flygt MyConnect is that it provides all the functionality you need in a pump station for up to four pumps – including an overflow function and sump cleaning. [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Monitoring of the pump’s power, voltage and current Monitoring of electrical supply grid Input for energy optimization Adds fault tracing capability used with MAS 801 Transfers data using Modbus RTU Accessory to MAS 801 PROTECT YOUR PUMP EVEN BETTER The power analyzer is an optional addition to MAS 801 to obtain even better [...]

PRODUCT FEATURESMeasurement, recording and presentation of: Temperature in junction box (inside PIM) Pump current Pump current variation Running time Number of starts Part counters (run time for seal, bearings, impeller, wear ring, etc.) Service log Application notes Pump Integrated Memory (PIM) PIM is a pump memory, data logger, and activity tracker integrated inside a Flygt submersible pump that [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Increased pump efficiency Energy savings – adjusts pump speed to system demand Improved system reliability – reduces stresses on electrical and hydraulic systems Enhanced process control – matches flow and head to system requirements Greater flexibility – optimizes dimensioning in new and retrofit installations THE PUMP DRIVE FROM THE PUMP EXPERTS A standard variable [...]

PRODUCT FEATURES Increased pumping reliability Patented energy minimizer saves up to 30% Easy to start Pre-programmed and optimized for Flygt N-pumps Pump, sump, and pipe cleaning Applicable for duplex and triplex pump station SPEED CONTROL HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER We’d like to introduce SmartRun™, a pump-station controller for pump stations with up to three alternating [...]