Pumba integreeritud mälu

PRODUCT FEATURESMeasurement, recording and presentation of:

  • Temperature in junction box (inside PIM)
  • Pump current
  • Pump current variation
  • Running time
  • Number of starts
  • Part counters (run time for seal, bearings, impeller, wear ring, etc.)
  • Service log
  • Application notes

Pump Integrated Memory (PIM)

PIM is a pump memory, data logger, and activity tracker integrated inside a Flygt submersible pump that makes it easy to keep track of pump performance and health.

Keep your pumps pumping

Today, 80% of rental pumps in mining operations are returned with motor failures. PIM can help reduce the number of major breakdowns by providing maintenance technicians with data that indicates early warning signs of motor failure during routine maintenance of the pump.      ​    ​

Flygt PIM is another example of Xylem’s commitment to innovation.